Nadia and Earl came to visit us for Christmas.

We had a great time and of course took some photos....

Grace at Thanksgiving

Friends over to say goodbye

Singing our hearts out

Oh Yeah...

A Rhinestone Cowboy

Sleeping Chunky



Nadia and Earl at home


nads and Earl take a dip


Marshall in Fun Drive

Helping out

Earl in Sand

Marshall Gear

Santa Charles

Nad and Shy Earl

Shy Guy

Santa Charles and Shy Guy

Santa Cool

Cool for Christmas

Chunky bong


Nads Chunk and Dad

The Gang

Grace Charles and Nadia

The guys hanging out

Ganging up on Earl

Charles hides Earl

Nads and Grace

Shy guy

Around the tree

Dad loves Charles

Charles relaxes and drinks

Nads and Earl Christmas in Dubai Continued

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