Assignment 1 and related notes

In your first assignment you are required to research and produce a report on the functions of a finance manager.  You should preferably first find and interview a finance manager in Dubai.

You are then asked to take some reports (which I will give you) and calculate some ratios and comment on these.  You may wish to build a spreadsheet to do this.  The important part of this assessment is actually in your explanation of the meaning of the ratios that you have calculated.  You should be able to give a meaningful commentary of what kinds of things have changed from one year to the next and what this would mean to the finance manager.

The following documents will provide some reference and background to help with the first assignment.

Assignment sheet Goals of Financial Manager
What is Financial Management ? Analyzing Financial Statements
Ratio Analysis Accounting Review
Chapter 1 Answers Chapter 2 Answers
Chapter 3 Answers Find your assignment here
Assignment ratio definitions? Financial Manager Job Description etc.

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