Sean James Daniels and Lori Anna Floden were married on 26 June 2004 in the Brisbane Temple

I was very humbled for myself but very proud of my daughter Lori when on the 26th of June 2004 she married Sean in the Brisbane Temple.  Sean is an outstanding young man as Lori is an outstanding young woman..  So here is best wishes to the new Daniels family..

Waiting for them to come.

Lori and Sean at the temple doors

Lori and Sean at temple with light effect

Lori, Sean and Caleb

Angel Moroni, Lori and Sean

Lori and Sean at temple steps

Bride'smaids and groomsmen

Bridal party

Bride groom maids and men

Sean and Lori outside

Ardern ladies

Head table sans Sean

Head table

cut the cake

cake kiss

Easy cutting

first dance

first dance closeup

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