(IT Training Specialist) Mark Floden BSc, Dip. Ed, Grad. Dip. Com. Comp, MAcc. MACS, AASCPA, JPQual.

Proposed Position   General Management, Accountancy and IT Faculty position

Date of Birth     18/8/56

Nationality        Australian / and Canadian


13 years of IT training experience to adults 5 years IT experience in Telecoms company including IT support, training, management and Account Management. IT training and Accounting consultancies.

Acquired Skills;

§         Fiscal Accountability

§         Manpower Planning

§         Information technology, programming, analysis and design.

§         Financial Management

§         Teaching

§         Conflict resolution

§         Team leadership and change agent

§         Communication and presentation skills

§         Analysis and problem solving.

§         People skills



Academic qualifications and Accreditations



Qualifications and Accreditations

Waikato University, Hamilton New Zealand


Bachelor of Science, Chemistry and Biology, (Biochemistry)

University of Queensland,

Brisbane Australia


Graduate Diploma in Education

Queensland Institute of Technology

Brisbane Australia


Graduate Diploma in Commercial Computing

Charles Sturt University

Wagga Wagga Australia


Master of Accountancy



Graduated with honour grades in Computing Qualification GPA 6.00  24.3.1988


Language proficiency






Mother tongue

Mother tongue

Mother tongue







Memberships of professional bodies



Qualifications and Accreditations

Queensland Department of Education


Registered Teacher

Australian Computer Society


MACS.  Accepted as full member

Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountant


AASCPA. Accepted as Associate Member.

Queensland Justice Department


Qualified Justice of the Peace


Present position IT Specialist Educator.  Training in Higher Diploma and Degree Program at Dubai Women’s College. 1995- 2003

¨       Course co-ordinator Developed courseware course outlines assessment materials, and distributed these through the HCT system for;

·         Comp150  Office Software 1996

·         Comp2333 Office Software 1997

·         Comp3233 Office Software 1997

·         Bite216 C Programming 1998

·         Bite450 Information Systems Architecture. 2000.

¨       Member of the Program Team for Business Information Technology (BIT) 1998-1999.

·         Represented the Ras Al Khaimah Men’s and Women’s Colleges.

·         BIT co-ordinator for Ras Al Khaimah colleges. 

·         Responsible for the IT program to management.  In addition to teaching and developing materials.

·         Assignment of teachers to teach the various subjects on the courses.

·         Participated in decision-making regarding the program and course structure and teacher professional development.

¨       Learned to teach students from a different cultural and linguistic background.

¨       Advisor to student council at Ras Al Khaimah Women’s college.  Organising National Day celebrations, and Bazaar.

¨       Had an opportunity to work with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds and to adopt  from them new methods or tools to use in my teaching.

¨       Interests in teaching are Systems Analysis and Design and Business Analysis, Programming and IT management.


Consultancy Experience



Description of role and activities



Conducted PC, mainframe, and applications training, to Telecoms Staff in remote and urban locations Queensland.



Computing Instructor:  Brisbane Training Institute 1987

Part-time personalised instruction students in computerised accounting systems.



Tender development for an IT imaging project for the Department of Land Titles in Queensland.



Computer instructor continuing education TAFE Queensland . Delivered training courses in spreadsheets and databases,  (Lotus 1-2-3 and Dbase III Plus) on a contract course basis.



Accounting Honorary consultancy. Boulton and Holzworth, electronic lodgement tax returns preparation of monthly returns.



Accounting honorary consultancy 1994. Graham Thomas and Associates Accountancy partnership.  Performing audits, Tax reviews and monthly statement and analysis reports for customers.



Supervised student project at Saqr Hospital in Ras al Khaimah.  Analysis and successful implementation of a database system to replace a manual health card system.


May 1999

Consultant to Union Group of Companies, Ras Al Khaimah.  Delivered 4 week Management Information Systems training of Union Group of companies.

Previous positions.

Teacher Queensland Education. 1984-1987

¨       Taught science and computing classes to high school students, including senior chemistry, biology and senior computing. 

¨       Learned through working with younger students how to build a rapport and how to evoke an interest in the subject.

¨       Helped to implement and maintain a computerised reporting system.

Computer Systems Officer Telecom Australia 1987

¨       Help desk consultant responding to user’s technical problems for their network and for PC applications.

¨       Learned to diagnose difficult problems and to work in a logical and structured approach to problem solving.

¨       Learned to deal with difficult people in stressful situations.

¨       Gained proficiency in hardware, software and network diagnosis techniques. 

¨       Wrote a number of small programs in C and Pascal for the client services function.


Computer Trainer Telecom Australia 1987-1988

¨       Delivered and developed training courses to Telecom staff including engineers, accountants, managers, technical and office staff.

¨       I took particular interest in PC systems  training and developed courses in spreadsheets, databases (Dbase III),

¨       Programming and PC to mainframe data transfer, extracting and reporting using the Tempus tool. 

Computer Training Manager Telecom Australia 1988-1990

¨       Managed the education/training function for the Queensland IS department of Telecom Australia. 

¨       Worked with and directed 4 other trainers who were all computer systems officers. 

¨       Produced regular reports detailing our progress and success financially and educationally. 

¨       Had great success in improving our financial position and in improving user satisfaction which was carefully monitored. 

¨       I was particularly interested then in broadening the types of courses we taught and in using the great technical skills we had in the trainers that worked for me.  I undertook a marketing exercise to determine market requirements and worked to develop new courses to meet the market. 

¨       Developed courses in PC systems and data extraction.  Others of my staff developed Oracle SQL courses and we brought in visiting lecturers in Oracle and networking to meet demand.

¨       Undertook recruitment and day to day people management duties. 

¨       Developed materials for campus visits and participated in interview panels.

¨       I took great satisfaction in the high degree of success achieved in this my first management position. We were a highly productive and well integrated team. 


Regional Account Manager for the Information Technology Group (ITG) Queensland, Telecom Australia 1990-1991

¨       Developed relationships with Key IT managers in the Telecom Divisions assigned to me which were the, Engineering, Country and Special Services divisions.

¨       Took responsibility for development of service contracts for operations and development.

¨       Involved in the business analysis function. 

¨       Learned a lot about the Telecoms business in this role.  I also had the opportunity to perform a public relations role, organising visits from IT and business leaders inside and outside the company.

National Account Manager for ITG, Telecom Australia Melbourne. 1991-1992

¨       Worked with Key IT managers within the Enterprise Division of Telecom Australia.  This was a particularly exciting time and place to work.  The Enterprise Division included those functions in the company that did not serve the mainstream residential landline customer. So my customers included, Mobile Phones, Directory Services, Payphones, Overseas Services and Operator Assisted Services.  What all these customers had in common was an urgent need to new systems to meet their drive towards autonomy from the rest of the organisation.  Particularly they needed systems autonomy.  During this time for example, the Mobile Phones had a customer base that was growing at 4% per month. 

¨       Worked with the Mobile Phones Senior Management in their Quality circle.  I gained a good appreciation of the business and technical problems facing these divisions. 

¨       The provision of Development staff and operational systems was a day to day activity that I monitored and took some responsibility for, in addition to the more strategic and long term planning. 

¨       Developed a partnership plan for each of my customers with technical and strategic business planning issues addressed.

¨       Inititated and chaired account steering teams for each of my customers (see above point).

¨       Liased with consulting managers from Coopers and Lybrand, Andersons Consulting and KPMG Peat Marwick who were providing services to my customers along side our services. 

¨       Participated in team change management.  The internal and external environment of Telecom (Telstra) was changing rapidly and Account Managers were seen as change agents.  I worked with program developers introducing the ideas and concepts of change to the organisation.


Instructor, Yeronga Institute of TAFE, Brisbane Australia. 1992-1995

¨       Developed IT courses and course materials. inPC Hardware and Operating systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Pascal Programming, PC Purchasing, Software Quality, and User Interface design. 

¨       Main area of interest was in the area where IT and management come together and I developed courseware in these areas.  Particularly in PC tendering and purchasing, software quality and systems analysis which were more or less ‘my’ subjects

¨       Member of TAFE Queensland Computer Acquisition Committee. This 5 person committee developed specifications for and drew up tenders to purchase thousands of PC for TAFE colleges around Queensland. Once the tender responses were in we met and reviewed the results of hardware testing and tender documents and made a decision to choose a particular supplier. 


¨       Member of college IT committees and self managed team. Developed new course rules, timetables programs and continuing education offerings.



Lectures in:

Australia and the United Arab Emirates


Enterprise Division , Information Technology Group Partnership plan.  Telstra 1992

Course materials developed by me:

§         Dbase III Plus training for Telecom 1988

§         Mainframe to PC data transfer using Tempus for Telecom 1988

§         PC purchasing and assessment TAFE Qld. 1994

§         Software Quality Development for TAFE Qld. 1995

§         Comp 2133 and 3233 course notes, Microsoft Office training HCT 1996

§         Comp3125 course notes,  Spreadsheet design and building HCT 1997

§         Management Information Systems for Union Group of Companies UAE 1999.

§         Bite 450 Course notes Information Systems Architecture HCT 2000.


Industry related training courses taken:


Management Theory and Practice Central Queensland College of Advanced Education 1982.

Graduate Computer Systems Officer training, Telecom Australia April – May 1987.  Trained in the Use of IBM mainframe and Bull mainframe systems.  CICS, GCOS, MVS, Method 1 and Network Manager.

Communications Course June 1987,  Trained in professional interpersonal communications.

Dbase II Plus Programming Intermediate and Advanced from Drake Training February 1988

Staff Recruitment, Telecom 1988

Train the trainer, Telecom 1988

Technical Team Leadership , Rob Thomsett 1989

Project Proposal Evaluation, The Australian Institute of Management, 1990

Resource Management for Telecom, 1990

Strategic Management for Telecom, 1990

Financial Management for Telecom, 1989

AT&T Systems proposal development, 1990

Business Systems Analysis and Design, Swinbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne Australia 1991.

Harlos Leadership training Change Management Feb-April 1992,

7 Habits of Highly Effective people,  Steve Covey, Melbourne Australia 1992.

Unix Administration , MTE Melbourne 1992.

Designing User Interfaces Australian Computer Society 1993.

Novel 3.11 Systems Administration, Com Tec, Brisbane Australia, 1993.

The User Role in Systems Development John Heim ACS 1994

Software Quality Function Management, Rob Thomsett Brisbane Australia 1994

Windows NT Systems Administration, New Horizons, Dubai 1997

Oracle Designer/2000: First Class, Oracle Education, Dubai 1999.

Autocad 2000, Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College, 1999.

Arabic Language, 6 week intensive course, Ras Al Khaimah, 1999.

Instruction Skills Worksop, Dubai Women’s College 2000.

Financial Reporting Core 1, Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountant CPA studies, Australia 1997

Management Reporting Core 2, Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountant CPA studies, Australia 1997


Management Information Systems Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountant CPA studies, Australia 1999

Taxation, Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountant CPA studies, Australia 1999

CCNA Semesters 1-3, Undertaken Semester 4 training in November.

Currently studying e-learning qualification with Australian Computer Society.  4 Masters level courses.


In addition to this formalised training I am self taught in C programming, and the basics of Visual Basic and Oracle which I teach at Dubai Women’s College.