My Brothers and Sisters, Melanie, Wade, Brent, Lisa and Monte,

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Melanie circa 1955

Melanie circa 1956

Melanie with Dad cica 1959

Melanie circa 1968

Melanie on Sailor Dawson Creek 1962

Melanie and freinds

Melanie circa 1971


Melanie in the 90s

Michelle, Melanie's daughter

Melanie and Michelle


Melanies house 33 Nixon Street

Wade cica 1975

Thomas Brons, Warrick Holder, Wade Floden NZ 1978

Wade, his Elsignor and Kombi and Mom's Fiat, 1978

Brent Marries Lynn

Brent and Lynn

Brent, Lynn, Michelle et al

Lisa, Glo, Janelle and Michelle NZ, Circa 1986


Lisa and kids July 2003

Glo and Trent

Monte 2001

Joshua, Helen, Monte, Grace, Nathan July 2003

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